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Chimney Brushes and Accessories

Imperial offers a complete line of flue cleaning brushes and accessories that enable the do-it-yourselfer to properly clean and maintain their chimneys.

Black Polypropylene Fiber Bristles
Black Polypropylene Fiber Bristles
  • Best quality brush made with tough, durable polypropylene bristles.
  • Recommended and designed for homeowners who use a brush occasionally.
  • Can be used in stainless steel chimneys.
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Wire Bristles
Wire Bristles
  • Durable steel wire, first choice by homeowners.
  • Available in round, square and rectangular shapes.
  • Can be used in stainless steel and clay chimneys.
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Pellet Stove Brush
Pellet Stove Brush
  • Fiber bristles brush
  • For pellet stove flues and clothes dryer vents
  • Reduces fire hazard
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Fiberglass Extension Rod
Fiberglass Extension Rod
  • Flexible fiberglass rod
  • Bends easily to brush hard to reach areas of the chimney
  • Finished with heavy duty fittings
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Pellet Stove Brush Rod
Pellet Stove Brush Rod
  • Flexible nylon rod
  • Designed to negotiate 90° joints in most flues and vents
  • Flues and vents can be cleaned without disassembly
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Chimney Brush Pull Ring
Chimney Brush Pull Ring
  • Allows you to attach your brush to a rope so it can be pulled through your chimney
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Chimney Brushes and Accessories
• Black Polypropylene Fiber Bristles
• Wire Bristles
• Pellet Stove Brush
• Fiberglass Extension Rod
• Pellet Stove Brush Rod
• Chimney Brush Pull Ring
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